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Director. Cinematographer.

Bilingual production team  | Asia-based; available worldwide.

With the world changing faster than ever, what defines us are our moments and point of view. Creating and capturing in the most natural and organic way is what I stand by – a realist with an existential touch. f/Lash Productions was founded by filmmakers born and raised in Taiwan. Drawing experiences from living in Taipei, New York, Florence, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing in a span of 20+ years. After graduating from New York University in 2013, prior to founding f/Lash productions,  Laticia moved back to Asia and worked for an international film studio for 4 years as the Director of New Media and a marketing executive for Hollywood films such as Transcendence  (Johnny Depp), Point Break (Luke Bracey), Collide  (Nicholas Hoult, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kingsley)  in China. f/Lash Productions focuses on telling stories across borders through visual means. 

Our team consists of individuals with complementing skillsets that can oversee a production from start to finish.

Selected Clients Include: 
- Sports: Nike, Puma, Lululemon, Space Cycle, Fubon Braves, Fubon Guardians, DT Swiss, Anna Sui Active, Victora's Sport, Choxue, VI Lab
- Brands: Acaia, Asus, Dyson, Logitech, Uber, Visa, MAC Cosmetics,  Shu Uemura, YSL Beauty, HTC, Ernst & Young, Lyfen China, Corning, Micron, Meimeiwawa Multimedia, Mammy Village, Homeboutique, Hollywood Immersive, KKBox, NZXT, Delta Electronics, Taiwan Language Institute, Lovinflame, Mitsubishi Motors, Sangean, She's Mercedes
- Lifestyle: AppWorks, W Shanghai, W Taipei, Gobytrain, London Business School, Rockefeller University, Environmental Protection Agency

Collaborated with Artists/Athletes such as: Aggie Hsieh 謝沛恩, Jet Li 李連傑, Kevin Garnett, ØZI, Rima Zeidan, Andrea Rogers, Joseph Lin 林書緯, Lara Liang 梁心頤, 劉奕兒, Mike隋, Dawen Wang 王大文, Rose Liu 劉明湘, Wei Wei 魏維, 郎祖筠, Stephen Rong 榮忠豪, EZU 黃奕儒, 吳心緹, Daniel Wu 吳彥祖, Kevin Garnett, AWKwapella, KAKU, Echo 李昶俊

Brand Sponsorships & Collaboration: Easyrig Taiwan Ambassador 易事背台灣品牌大使, Vaxis Global Ambassador 威固品牌大使, Zhiyun 智雲品牌合作 (Crane 3S, Weebill 2, Smooth 4 product sponsor/collaboratorn), Sony 索尼 Kando 2.0, Zeiss Taiwan collaborator 蔡司台灣合作, T-Post sponsor

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